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Glass Blocks

DIY Glass Block Kits Helps You Do the Work Yourself

Glass blocks are a practical and stylish manner in which to provide areas of your house with additional light, while not increasing your home energy bill. If you are thinking of renovating, adding glass blocks or skylights can give you free additional lighting to your home. Impervious to moisture and weather, glass blocks are available in a wide range of patterns, styles and colours, enabling you to add style and uniqueness to almost any room.

While some people might think that glass blocks provide a lower security risk, or lower privacy, nothing is further from the truth. The high manufacturing temperature required, along with the thickness, colour or patterns chosen, provide privacy, security and thermal isolation protection. For homes in areas subject to the threat of fire, fire-rated glass blocks are available which provide even greater fire and thermal protection. Fire-rated glass blocks are an ideal addition to stairways, enabling natural light to be available in all instances during daylight hours. Placed high in runs of brickwork, glass blocks enable a steady flow of light into rooms during daylight hours, with many times the security of standard, or even double-glazed glass windows.

Either constructed onsite, or pre-assembled, glass block walls or panels can be easily incorporated into external walls, used as a stylish internal wall for a shower stall or bathroom, or even as a room divider. If installed as a feature panel only, blocks can be install like a window, with there own framework. If you need to add daylight to an area glass blocks are a stylish and elegant method that many home renovation companies will be happy to include in any home extension project, or as a project itself.

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